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Pitti in Florence, everything’s going pretty smoothly, Asia seems taking over so far.

So, Florence, center of fashion design for ages, yet gives its participation.

On the third day its international fashion market meeting won’t disappoint the expectations.


The results of Buyers confirm the first impressions of vitality and energy: the market responds positively to the extraordinary commitment of companies exhibiting in terms of quality, research and style, comforting even the organizers’ expectations.

Foreign buyers from over a hundred countries were up by 4.5% (same day, same time of detection) compared to the June edition 2012: the most numerous are German and Japanese, both well past the 800 and both levels of 2012. In sharp rise in Russia, USA, China, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong. Significant increases from South East Asia to Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, as well as Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and others) and the Middle East (UAE and Saudi Arabia). Rising Indian buyers.

A slight drop in Europe to France, Britain, Spain and Holland, but strong recoveries for Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and the whole of Northern Europe. Good results also from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania. From other continents good news from Mexico, Colombia, Australia and Morocco.