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Find your own style.


It’s hard to say, but statistically most of the people tend to follow the crowd, whether it is about choosing the right studies or find your personal way of life. We all would like to stand out from this “Labelled society”, but it’s one thing if it comes to say, different when it comes to do. Unconsciounsly our mind get used to something most of the people prefer.

So it happens when it comes to do shopping, we would get that specific brand only because it is popular at that moment or more likely for its simple design. We instead ought to be ourselves everytime, each one of us would dress in a different way; even with the slightest detail try to get your inner soul out towards something only you feel comfy to live with. Walk where you like, dance how you like and dress how you like!


Timberland: an underrated brand.


Walking around the city I took a picture of these shoes series just to show you simplicity combined with a clean elegance that these shoes represent. Nonetheless the men’s boots which turned into a kind of must-have (as you can well verify for yourself) launched this brand over the expectations to the top. But, how about all the rest of the shoes? Whatever will happen to them? Are they going not to be noticed that least it takes to survive in the market? Nobody knows yet, but perhaps one day some people will start getting into the rest of the “lost and inconsiderate shoes”. Hopefully I suggest to be open-minded, even when it comes to buy some new footwear.

Reflect, be unique and create your own style!

The more you smile the more you feel good.


What about smiling the more you can? Each of us knows smiling often is a good way to relieve ourselves of that partial quantity of pressure we feel over the day. So try to keep your teeth always in a clean good-looking way, it affects positively the people around you and of course you’ll feel like kind of well-satisfied with yourself primarily.Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single your smile will certainly improve your daily life, so cheer up people!

A man seeking for a worthy life should always bring along a considerable self-confidence.

How many are the times we encounter into those random advertising billboards and we tell ourselves “how lucky that man is! Lucky him to be next to such a beautiful woman!”. Well, maybe it may sound a little corny but you can find a quick answer to these statements, just think that man is up there for some specific reason. Alright, now you wonder why saying such a purposeless thing. Now let’s take the juice out of what I’ve just written, let’s bring it and turn it to our daily life.
We as a man sometimes may find hard to approach a good-looking girl at first sight, maybe we found it just not as much normal to do as it actually is indeed. So, that man on the ad billboard was surely feeling self-confident over the shooting time, and so as well you have to act and to use the quietest and highest self-confidence you keep deep down inside you, just let it out! Now, you’ll be likely saying something like this ” That man is a model, of course he’s there, he’s got the skills, he’ll probably be a playboy in his awesome life!”. Yet, I’m not saying it’s not like that, he’ll probably be living that kind of great life anybody may desire, but yet it’s not impossible not to approach the girl you were staring at, instead of being there like a pointless man in the water use your brain and act self-confident like you’ve never done before. Show yourself like a quietly human being when you walk up to her, I’m not saying you have to feel like you can’t help but looking awesome, you should feel instead like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, that’s the best way for your goal.