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Find your own style.


It’s hard to say, but statistically most of the people tend to follow the crowd, whether it is about choosing the right studies or find your personal way of life. We all would like to stand out from this “Labelled society”, but it’s one thing if it comes to say, different when it comes to do. Unconsciounsly our mind get used to something most of the people prefer.

So it happens when it comes to do shopping, we would get that specific brand only because it is popular at that moment or more likely for its simple design. We instead ought to be ourselves everytime, each one of us would dress in a different way; even with the slightest detail try to get your inner soul out towards something only you feel comfy to live with. Walk where you like, dance how you like and dress how you like!


Timberland: an underrated brand.


Walking around the city I took a picture of these shoes series just to show you simplicity combined with a clean elegance that these shoes represent. Nonetheless the men’s boots which turned into a kind of must-have (as you can well verify for yourself) launched this brand over the expectations to the top. But, how about all the rest of the shoes? Whatever will happen to them? Are they going not to be noticed that least it takes to survive in the market? Nobody knows yet, but perhaps one day some people will start getting into the rest of the “lost and inconsiderate shoes”. Hopefully I suggest to be open-minded, even when it comes to buy some new footwear.

Reflect, be unique and create your own style!